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Standing Room Only


Groovevine Entertainment


Studio Eight, London 


Live Studio + Post Production

Live performance content.

Standing Room Only serves as a specialised platform where artists can gain visibility, have their voices resonate, and find opportunities for discovery. At SRO, each artist's live performance is professionally captured on stage. The audio from this live recording is then meticulously mixed and mastered. To complete the experience, the team at SRO synchronizes the polished audio with edited video footage, crafting a dynamic LIVE Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for the artist. This allows performers to shine in their true element—live music.

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Every Thursday night we provide access to a Content Production Studio in London for Anyone to start executing on their ideas.  100% FREE - Putting the love back into the term Hustle. We have limited time slots available so don't delay and sign up now.

You are one step away from changing your life for the better

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